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Mooresville Graded School District Enters Digital Age

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Throw away the backpack! It appears that textbooks may be going the way of dinosaurs, at least in one local LakeNorman area school system. I recently had a chance to hear a representative from Mooresville Graded Schools speak about the system and the direction they are moving. What I found most impressive is the level of technology being put in the hands of the students. Every student from the fourth grade through high school is issued a Macbook laptop, which is theirs to take home every night. The age of lugging those book-filled backpacks  that weigh more than the student seem to be over. Third grade students have access to laptops as well, but have to use them in school only.

In addition to equipping students with personal laptops, the elementary schools each have forty smartboards for classroom use. The district’s foward thinking has earned it the Sylvia Charp Award for honors in technology, despite being a small district with 40% of its students on free or reduced lunch programs.

While I don’t have kids in school anymore, I am always asked about schools when I help buyers make decisions on where to raise their families. There is no substitute for doing your own research, and one way to do that is to click on my page for NC Schools, at the top of the Home Page. There you will find links to some good information about any school you want to see. Also, most school administrators I have heard speak have said that anyone considering a move into their district is welcome to come and visit the school anytime.

If you’re considering moving to Mooresville, and would like more information on the schools there, feel free to email or call me, and I will help you get what you need. That goes for any school system in the Lake Norman area.

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